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Buffalo's Best Pizza: Bocce Club Pizza

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) -- More than 4 thousand people voted and Bocce Club Pizza won Buffalo's best pizza with 31% of the vote. We went to the pizzeria today to find out what makes the pizza so good.

"I just think it's a combination of our preparation and what we use all fresh ingredients, we try and source local people here in Buffalo," said Jim Pacciotti, Bocce Club Pizza owner.

Pies here are described as somewhere in between a Chicago and New York style pizza, not too thick and not too thin. The cheese is also spread out all the way to the edge, making it a burnt cheese crust instead of plain dough.

"Some of the cheese falls over the edge and burns and you get the little trimmings that people love so it's something different," said Pacciotti.

The business has been a Western New York staple for more than 7 decades.

"This started in 1946. My dad bought an existing restaurant the Bocce Club and it's morphed into a high volume take out pizzeria," said Pacciotti.

"I've never worked at a place that has so much nostalgia. And all you hear all day is either something about Jimmy's father or how it used to be, or they used to go to the first location on Hickory Street. I mean I have 95 year old customers who still come in," said Matt Gramza, Bocce Club Pizza manager.


The smell of fresh pizza coming out of the oven even had News 4 photographer Paul Ivancic singing before his first bite.

In a single week, this pizzeria turns out more than 2 thousand pizzas! Fortunately employees here can cut them in record time.

"I can get one from the board to the top of the oven probably in 3, 4 seconds," said Gramza.

"Ninja pizza cutter. You got to get them out of the oven, you got to get them cut, you got 6 pies coming out at once," said Pacciotti.

Bocce Club Pizza has two locations, one on Bailey Avenue in Buffalo and a second one on Hopkins Road in Williamsvill. A third location is expected to open on Clinton Street in downtown Buffalo within the next 6 months.

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