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Crumbling road that is falling into creek below now has temporary fix

BOSTON, N.Y. (WIVB) - A road in the town of Boston, that was crumbling into a creek below it, now has a temporary fix. A long-term fix is also in the works. 

The slope that Back Creek Road sits on is failing, and one lane of the street was falling into Eighteen Mile Creek. To improve safety in the area, Erie County Public Works crews installed a concrete barrier that now sits between cars and the creek. The road is now down to one lane as well, with stop signs on either side of the barrier, warning drivers to wait. 

Erie County Public Works Commissioner Bill Geary tells News 4, the next step is figuring out exactly what soil is beneath the road, in order to design a permanent fix. He said there is a little tie-up in legislation to get this work started, but once that pushes through, a design can be drawn up within a year, and then construction should start the next year. 

Geary isn't sure of an exact cost to repair the road, but said there are slope-stabilization funds in the budget to fix it. 

"They're emergency events, not planned events, so we have to do what we did right now... stabilize the situation, make it safe for the traveling public... make it safe for the residents who live around there," Geary said. 

So, it appears the concrete barrier will be in place for the meantime. But residents in Boston tell News 4, they're happy to see a safe, temporary fix in place. 

"That the guardrail really wasn't offering any protection whatsoever, and if somebody was down there and wasn't familiar with the area, or coming down Rice Road, they easily could have gone off the road," Town of Boston Supervisor, Jason Keding said. "So now that public safety is coming into check, and I certainly thank Erie County for reacting and taking care of that for the citizens and the town of Boston."

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