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Ellicott Creek water levels cause concern for homeowners

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) -- People from all over Western New York gawked at the water levels at Ellicott Creek Friday.

Recent weather conditions caused water levels to rise and turned a usually calm creek into a mini Niagara Falls.

"We can't even believe how fast this water is running, it's crazy we've never seen this water running like this," said Christine Cramer, Akron resident.

"I've never seen anything like this, the water is moving so fast, it's really pretty staggering," said Chris Riley, Amherst resident.

"In the summertime, this is barely a trickle. A couple years ago it was close to this, but I don't think it was this bad, it had the mist, but not quite like this, this is incredible," said Tom Walker, Williamsville resident.

Despite the breathtaking view, water levels are a big concern to many.

On Friday at 8 pm, Ellicott Creek reached minor flood stage. By 11 pm, the water levels had risen to more than 8.55 feet.

Those living downstream saw the effects first hand.

"This wasn't here when I left for work in the morning. It looks like our backyard is getting a good washing right now, it looks more like a river than a backyard," said Williamsville homeowner, Mike Saxer.

Some homes in Williamsville were dangerously close to the run off of water by Friday evening.

For Saxer, his biggest concern was making sure his family stays safe.

"Our basement is at ground level so hopefully it won't get up that far. We want to stay safe, stay away from the water and make sure the kids stay away from the water because it's actually deeper than you think and much colder than you think," said Saxer.

The creek is only suppose to cause minor flooding, so for most people, they will see little to no damage at all.

The National Weather Service is predicting levels to drop overnight into Saturday. A flood warning for Ellicott Creek remains in effect until Saturday morning.

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