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Llama on the loose in the town of Arcade

ARCADE, N.Y. (WIVB) -- Llama drama in the town of Arcade. An award winning llama has gone missing.

Snow the llama has been missing since Tuesday night. It happened when her handler took her for a walk around 6:30.

Snow took off running after her handler tripped over a tree branch and lost her grip of the lead rope. She got spooked and ran the other way.

Snow's owner searched the area with a 4-wheeler that night to find her but had no luck. Her last reported sighting was heading back toward her pasture near Park Road.

Snow is all white, just over 5 feet tall and about 200 pounds. Her owner says she's very friendly and likes to snuggle but says after spending a couple days on her own she may be a little skittish right now.

"My main concern right now is because she still had a lead rope on her that she could've gotten caught somewhere. If she's just out wandering this time of year there's plenty to eat, think of a deer there's plenty to eat and drink. I'm at a loss right now as to what she was thinking and where she was headed," said Scott Dyke, Buffalo Creek LLama's Owner.

A search party has been looking for snow since she went missing but so far no luck.

If you find the llama or happen to see her somewhere, Buffalo Creek Llama's wants to hear from you.

CONTACT: https://www.facebook.com/bcllamas


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