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Neighbors complain about doggy daycare proposal in East Aurora

EAST AURORA, N.Y. (WIVB) -- Neighbors living in the Village of East Aurora are pushing back against a new proposal.

The owner of a pet boutique is looking into expanding her business by adding a doggy daycare.

Amy Gates owns Tres Chic Pet Boutique. After three years, she moved to a bigger shop in an industrial park in the village.

Gates says she serves more than 1,000 clients in her grooming salon. Hundreds of her clients have asked her to open a daycare for pets.

"We'd like to give the people what they're asking for. We currently have about a 1,500 square foot vacant garage, that's where we would like to build out for our daycare," said Gates.

The space could accommodate up to 40 dogs. It would strictly operate during the day with a set drop-off and pick-up time and no overnight stays.

But, before Gates can move forward, the business needs a special use permit to kennel dogs.

"My husband and I showed up at the board meeting and to say the least, it was unexpected opposition," said Gates.

Village officials received about a dozen complaints from nearby neighbors.

"I was very surprised. I felt it was unfair, especially for a village resident, business owner," said Gates.

Some of the neighbors expressed their concerns with the daycare, claiming it will affect their quality of life.

"There's going to be a noise problem, you have animals that will attract varmint," said Russell Geradi, village resident.

"I have to give up my fresh air and my quality and my peace and quiet for a bunch of dogs," said Suzan Geradi, village resident.

Board member Patrick Shea told News 4 that the board doesn't usually get this type of push back. He said it's likely the board would grant the permit without opposition.

Now the fate of the doggy daycare lies in the hands of the village.

"I think they really should rethink it and they should think about how they're affecting their neighbors," said Geradi.

"We just want to make our clients happy, to make our community happy and at the end of the day to make our neighbors happy and show them that we are not doing this to be bad guys, we're doing this because this is what our community has asked us for," said Gates.

The village board will take a vote on July 5.

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