Apple patents technology for hidden 911 calls

News 4 Staff - CUPERTINO, Calif. (WIVB) -- Most of us consider our cell phones to be our "life line." We keep them within arm's reach day or night, knowing help is only a phone call away.

That call to 911 could put you in danger if you're being held against your will, or if you're caught in some type of an emergency.

Developers want to find a way for you to make hidden 911 calls.

Apple has patented new technology to allow you to use your fingerprint to secretly call for help.

This would work a lot like using your thumb to unlock your phone.

You would program a code that you can tap on your phone, like pinky-thumb-pinky.

The phone would realize you're in trouble and automatically call 911. The phone would not display that an emergency call is being made.

So, it allows you to call for help discretely, without anyone knowing.

The feature could also give first responders your location, or automatically pull live audio and video from the phone.

This is all in the development phases. Apple has submitted a patent for this, but it's unclear  if you'll see this technology any time soon.

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