(iSeeCars) — Although the new car supply chain is steadily improving, new cars continue to be priced well above MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). A new iSeeCars study found that the average new car price is 8.8 percent over MSRP, and some vehicles are priced well above this average. 

Here are the new cars that are priced the highest above MSRP in each state.

The New Car Priced the Highest Over MSRP in Each State- iSeeCars
StateVehicle% Above MSRP$ Above MSRP
AlabamaJeep Wrangler24.1%$8,593
AlaskaJeep Wrangler Unlimited30.5%$12,640
ArizonaPorsche Macan29.1%$16,914
ArkansasJeep Wrangler Unlimited27.0%$12,209
CaliforniaGenesis GV7029.3%$12,767
ColoradoGenesis GV7030.1%$12,933
ConnecticutJeep Wrangler25.4%$9,285
DelawareCadillac CT5-V34.7%$19,453
FloridaLexus RX 350h25.6%$12,528
GeorgiaMercedes-Benz G-Class44.6%$76,594
HawaiiGenesis GV7031.3%$13,794
IdahoJeep Wrangler Unlimited27.4%$12,360
IllinoisGenesis GV7028.4%$12,191
IndianaGenesis GV7032.9%$14,100
IowaJeep Wrangler26.6%$9,428
KansasGenesis GV7025.5%$12,113
KentuckyGenesis GV7029.5%$12,645
LouisianaJeep Wrangler25.0%$8,549
MaineJeep Wrangler Unlimited29.9%$12,182
MarylandGenesis GV7026.5%$12,064
MassachusettsPorsche Taycan30.4%$28,716
MichiganMercedes-Benz GLB24.0%$9,840
MinnesotaGenesis GV7027.6%$11,843
MississippiJeep Wrangler30.6%$10,316
MissouriGenesis GV7029.5%$12,640
MontanaJeep Wrangler Unlimited33.1%$13,344
NebraskaGenesis GV7031.2%$13,375
NevadaFord Maverick27.6%$7,424
New HampshireGenesis GV7028.2%$12,562
New JerseyGenesis GV7025.7%$11,716
New MexicoJeep Wrangler28.7%$9,838
New YorkGenesis GV7026.4%$12,154
North CarolinaGenesis GV7026.7%$11,447
North DakotaJeep Wrangler Unlimited25.6%$11,489
OhioGenesis GV7027.0%$11,616
OklahomaGenesis GV7029.3%$13,401
OregonChevrolet Camaro27.9%$9,953
PennsylvaniaPorsche Taycan28.1%$26,724
Rhode IslandJeep Wrangler Unlimited25.0%$11,046
South CarolinaGenesis GV7031.2%$13,624
South DakotaJeep Wrangler Unlimited18.6%$8,800
TennesseeJeep Wrangler27.6%$9,829
TexasPorsche Taycan30.6%$27,771
UtahGenesis GV7030.1%$12,917
VermontJeep Wrangler Unlimited28.0%$11,866
VirginiaGenesis GV7029.3%$12,969
WashingtonGenesis GV7027.2%$11,942
West VirginiaJeep Wrangler Unlimited29.0%$12,548
WisconsinGenesis GV7027.5%$11,786
WyomingJeep Wrangler Unlimited23.3%$10,642
  • The Genesis GV70 luxury compact SUV is the vehicle with the highest dealer markup in the most states with 22. 
  • The vehicle with the highest markup across all states is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which is priced 44.6 percent above MSRP in Georgia.
  • Luxury SUVs are the most represented vehicle type, accounting for the highest marked-up vehicles in 29 states.

What Does This Mean for Consumers?

New car buyers can expect to pay higher-than-average prices for vehicles that are in high demand. The best way to avoid paying over sticker price is to broaden your search radius and consider similar vehicles that may not be as overpriced. Additionally, consumers in some cases can avoid markups by ordering directly from the manufacturer.

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iSeeCars.com analyzed over 12 million new car sales from February 2022 through February 2023. The average list prices of new cars, as well as the average of their MSRPs, were aggregated by month, as well as by body style and model. Heavy-duty vehicles and low-volume models were excluded from further analysis. The differences between average prices and average MSRP were expressed as percentage differences. 

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