BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — You may have noticed a red and blue glow around the city skyline as you made your way into work Wednesday morning. That’s because the City of Good Neighbors lit up in support of Damar Hamlin, as he remains in critical condition at UC Medical Center.

“It really just goes to show that the Western New York community really comes together when tragedy hits, and that’s really the lesson here,” said Kate Glaser, founder of Hope Rises.

Niagara Falls, Buffalo City Hall, the Peace Bridge and even neighborhoods throughout the community helped create the sea of red and blue.

“Obviously the Western New York community is feeling the impact of this horrible tragedy that the Bills Mafia faced, and really the entire community,” Glaser said. “We live in an amazing community and we certainly stand behind Damar and his family, and really the entire Bills team that are feeling the impact of this horrible tragedy.”

Glaser started “Light it Up Red and Blue for Number 3”, the idea for people to show their support by lighting up their homes red and blue to honor Hamlin, after posting on Tuesday afternoon. She says within hours, she received hundreds of replies from homeowners who are hoping for the Bills safety.

“Light up red and blue for as long as we can to support,” Glaser said. “Really prayers are one thing but some people don’t want to pray, they don’t feel like they can pray, so this is another way to show support, show red and blue to really show we stand behind Damar.”

For neighbors who want to share some Buffalove, Glaser hopes they will light and shine for No. 3.

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