KENMORE, N.Y. (WIVB) — Jeff Ranney opened his garage to News 4 Friday morning to show off his Bills-themed Tiki Bar!

He calls it Kenmore’s best-kept secret. Amidst this suburban neighborhood, there is Ranney’s garage, comprised of 10 TVs and plenty of adult beverages.

What makes this ‘Bills Basement’ so special is all the handmade pieces there. From the Bills logo turf floors, to the actual tiki bar, to the wall art, Ranny has combined his art craft with his love for Bills!

The best part is that Ranney’s son and his friends, now in their 30s, have grown up creating memories in this garage.

They even helped make certain things like the side bar, which has around 700 beer caps that were all consumed in the tiki bar.

Are you wondering how watching the games is in the cold? Ranney says they have mastered regulating temperature with a propane heater.

“So, even on a seven-degree night, we can keep it at 74 degrees in here,” says Ranney.

Do you think you have an epic Bills Basement? Send pictures to for your chance to be featured on the Wake Up morning show!

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