CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) — Sheila Hubbard has been a Buffalo Bills fan her entire life, and she and the team have a special connection.

“The Bills got established in 1960 and I was born in 1960,” Hubbard said.

Every year of her life, she’s been cheering on the team. Her love for them grew growing up five minutes from the Rockpile and while watching the games with her father.

“Me and my dad — he would holler and scream and I got used to doing that the same way. He would get mad and upset, I would get mad and upset, but he would be like ‘Baby girl, it’s okay. It’s okay we lost some of our games. We’re going to come back and we’re going to win.'”

And now, after his passing, she continues the tradition of cheering on the team, with him in her heart.

“When we bought this house last year, I told my husband, I said ‘I know what I’m going to do with that basement.’ He said ‘What are you going to do with it?’ I said I want a women’s cave.”

When you look around the Hubbards’ basement, almost everything in your view is red and blue. Sheila has dedicated herself to the team she grew up cheering on.

Mario, her husband, says “It’s like every time me and my wife go out, we see some Bills gear, we wind up getting it.”

But Mario grew up a Patriots fan.

“I’m slowly, but surely, joining the Bills,” he said.

Sheila says “He’s not fully there yet, but he’s going to be, because if he don’t, there’s going to be some problems.”

Matchups between the Bills and the Patriots might bring some tension, but they’ll watch the game side by side in their basement, along with friends and family for some football fun.

“I’m not mad about it. You know, I gotta please my wife. So, she’s happy, I’m happy and it turned out great,” Mario said.

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