NEWFANE, N.Y. (WIVB) — He’s got it all. From the press passes, to signed game balls, to even the original renderings of Rich Stadium — Jeff Newman from Newfane has been collecting Buffalo Bills treasures since he was a little boy.

“Watching the Bills games, and getting prizes from my mother, it kind of snowballed from there,” said Newman. “Back when we were kids, there was no TV on Sundays, Sundays was a family day, but if the Bills were playing, you got to watch TV.”

Newman says his collection started around ’74, ’75, when his mother would reward him and his siblings a prize for whoever had the cleanest room. His brother would ask for Braves gear, his sister, Barbies, but for him, he loved the Buffalo Bills.

Decades later, he continues to build his collection, and filled his basement from the ceiling (which is full of banners) to the floor (which is full of rugs and turf from the stadiums) with Bills treasures.

“Networking with different people, former Bill’s players, flea markets, Ebay, anyway I can,” Newman said when asked about his strategy on collecting.

Newman has four children, and his littlest one is six years old. Newman’s love for the Buffalo Bills has been a part of all of their childhoods, and Newman is happy to see the Bills’ improvement for his youngest son, William’s childhood.

“It’s nice to see that William’s growing up with a team that’s awesome and he’s experiencing the greatness, where Ryan unfortunately went through many years of sorrow,” said Newman.

When asked what the Buffalo Bills mean to him, Newman told us the Buffalo Bills mean family, hope and enjoyment to him. His tradition of collecting Bills memorabilia continues on, and his mother continues to gift him Bills treasures every Christmas.

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