MEDINA, N.Y. (WIVB) — “It’s more than just a team — it’s family. It doesn’t stop on Sunday after the game, we’re a community.”

A few years ago, Ben Flansburg, had a vision, to change his Hayloft barn into an area that would not just only hold his family’s past memories, but an area for them to make new ones around their love of the Buffalo Bills.

“The Bills are really family to me, it has been our whole life.” Flansburg, owner of the Bills Barn, said. “Growing up in the 90s, we’d get together every weekend, and our whole family are die hard Bills fans–just to be able to have a spot to carry on that tradition and bring the whole family together is really special.”

His idea first started off with wanting an area to hit golf balls in the middle of the winter, so he contracted his barn’s attic for an area with a golf simulator that has old turf from the Bills stadium. Throughout the past few years, his Bills barn has grown to now hold dozens of signed jerseys and Bills memorabilia he’s collected.

But his favorite Bills gear he has hanging up?

“Beside the jerseys, it’s the pictures,” Flansburg said. “The pictures show me as a kid at my very first Bills game, some of the memorable games, Fred Jackson’s last game, Kyle William’s touchdown–things like that bring back the memory of every special game.”

The Flansburgs continue to make memories together every season. When the team is playing in Buffalo, they load up their Bills bus and head down to the tailgate for every home game with all of their friends.

“It’s special, I don’t think there’s any other fanbase out there that has as much comradery as everybody does here,” Karen Eick said. Eick travels in from Nashville every home game to join the festivities on their friend group’s Bills bus.

“We are a family, you don’t meet a stranger with the Bills, I’ve traveled a lot over the country, a lot of games, and you don’t go anywhere without seeing Bills fans,” she said.

The team will play against the Miami Dolphins this weekend, and the Flansburg and their friends and family are excited for the team to “Squish the Fish”.

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Hope Winter is a reporter and multimedia journalist who has been part of the News 4 team since 2021. See more of her work here.