EVANS, N.Y. (WIVB) — When you walk down the stairs of the Stanisweski’s basement, you’re greeted by a mural that shows almost everything Buffalo, but it also takes them down memory lane.

“There’s tons of trinkets in there that basically show all of our life memories,” said Jeff Stanisweski. “It have remembrances of my parents in there. It is definitely the Bills but there’s definitely Buffalo things in there as well.”

A combination of a family connection, along with the Buffalove, is the theme of Jeff and Jenn Stanisweski’s basement.

“It’s honestly one of my most proud accomplishments. I am extremely happy that we’re able to do this and really bring everybody together, try to make it as hassle free as possible, so that everybody could just come over, hang out and have a good time,” said Stanisweski.

They moved into their home two years ago, and one of the first projects they wanted to do was to create a place where their large extended family could all fit and enjoy a game with one-another.

“It’s called ‘Kawalty’s’ and the reason we actually did that is unfortunately, we lost both of my parents back in 2013, two and a half/three weeks of each other–and then my nephew Tyler more recently,” Jeff explained. “We kind of took each part of their name and put it together for ‘Kawalty’s’–Kathy, Walter and Tyler–so it’s a nice way to basically remember them as we’re down here and having a good time, making sure they’re here with us.”

On game day, the basement is filled with excitement as they cheer on the team. A similar atmosphere that started Jeff’s fandom many years ago.

“I remember being four/five years old during the Super Bowl era, watching the Bills, hanging out at my parents house. Everybody circled around the TV waiting for the field goal kick,” said Jeff. “It was always those kind of things that kind of drew us all together and made sure that we can have some long lasting memories.”

Now, they have created a space for their extended family, and 18 nieces and nephews, to enjoy every game day. The Basement is full of fun–with Bubble Hockey, Air Hockey, Poker, and even a Bills Billiard table.

Along with his collection of signed jerseys of players from the past and present–are autographs of his friends and family who have visited the basement. They ask visitors to bring nothing–but a one time fee of one dollar.

“No obligation. Don’t bring beer, don’t bring drinks nothing. It’ll all be here for you. Only stipulation is that we do charge a dollar and it’s for your first drink,” said Stanisweski. “The only reason we charge a dollar is that they can sign it, put a memory on there, put their name on there and we can always look back at it.”

If you have a Bills Basement that you would like us to show on WakeUp, send us photos to our email address: WakeUp@wivb.com.

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