LEWISTON, N.Y. (WIVB) — Watching the Bills while surrounded by the Bills?

That’s a dream one man in Lewiston made a reality.

Nick Manzare started working on his Bills basement during the pandemic. He calls it the ‘Manz Cave,’ after his last name.

“Growing up I had a basement in my parents house, there were hats and jerseys. I knew one day when I had my own house I’d have a basement, maybe not to this extent, but something like this,” said Manzare.

He bought a lot of the memorabilia online and some of it was passed down from his parents. He had a vision from the start.

“Clean and crisp, to the point, where it just kind of meets the eye and it goes, ‘oh that looks good.'”

His favorite parts are the TV area, bar area, and the sports ticker.

“Kind of also wanted one, when you go into a casino and you see the sports scores going by, always thought that was neat and always said if I ever had something I wanted to get one of those.”

A typical Sunday for Manzare and his family is sitting down in the Bills cave watching the game, surrounded by all the bills memorabilia you could imagine.

Building the cave was even a family affair. His brother did the painting and his father-in-law helped with the rest.

The space honors his family that’s passed on. His mother died 10 years ago and his grandfather just a couple of years ago, and he has a lot of memories of rooting on the Bills with them.

“We had season tickets, we had Super Bowl parties, watching the games every Sunday with my dad or with my mom,” he said. “I wanted to find my own version to do that for my family, my kids, so when I move on they could take with them something happy about me when they see something about the Buffalo Bills.”

He said right now this team is lifting the entire community up, especially during a tough time of year for many.

“With this weather, mental health is tough to deal with and to have a team like this team it just brings joy. I think we want it the most and I think ultimately that close to getting there.”

As the Bills move on to the divisional round this Sunday he’ll be watching and celebrating his wife’s birthday with family in the Bills Manz Cave.

Kayla Green is a reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2021. See more of her work here.