BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — With the countdown to kickoff already on, stores like Dash’s and Market in the Square have been getting ready for eager Bills shoppers for awhile.

The general manager of Dash’s, Joe Catalano, said besides the floral arrangements, desserts, and Buffalo brews, they have a trick or two up their sleeves to keep shoppers entertained.

“We took down the Kansas City barbecue sauce from our store,” he said. “You know, kind of a little jab at Chiefs fans in Kansas City.”

Catalano said the store has been packed. But those planning on shopping at Dash’s will need to go before the game Sunday.

“The owner made the decision to close the store early,” Catalano said. “So everyone could get home with their families, friends, watch the game, and support their local team.”

And there’s Bills fever at Market in the Square as well, with shoppers lining up to check out the unique baked goods they have in West Seneca.

“Brownies have been real popular,” said Pam Bifano, the market’s bakery manager. “The cupcakes, we have Bills cookies with the emblems on them and our bread.”

The Bills rye bread is flying off the shelves faster than Bifano can make it.

“Three small batches, instead of one large batch,” she said. “And we use the regular for the white, and then we add the coloring for the other two. And weigh it out in little balls, put them together and make a loaf out of it.”

Bifano says they have other ideas for when the Bills go to the Super Bowl, but she wouldn’t share any specific plans. For now, they are sticking with this red, white and blue creation.

“It’s special for the Bills. But now we’re thinking we might do it for the other holidays too.”