This week, for a special Halloween edition of Buffalo’s Best, we’re taking you to the place you voted as Buffalo’s Best Haunted Place.

We asked for nominations for places that are reportedly legitimately haunted, not the manufactured haunted houses that pop up this time of year.

Western New Yorkers voted to say the Hinsdale House is Buffalo’s Best.

The Hinsdale House, also known as the Dandy House after the family that lived there in the 1970s when the paranormal activity ramped up, has its property history traced back to the late 1700s.

Daniel Klaes, the current owner, says the house itself was built in the mid-1800s by two brothers who, according to legend, murdered people who stopped along the stagecoach trail there.

In the late 1960s, Klaes says it seems like something was unearthed when new ponds were dug on the property.

By the time the Dandy family was living there in the 70s, it was a seriously scary place.

“Things flying off shelves. Knives into pictures. Scratches. It was really bad for the young daughters,” Klaes said.

Klaes says a priest came to the house and performed an exorcism, but it didn’t work.

“And then it came back full force, and all he could tell them to do was get out,” Klaes said.

Since then, scary things have continued to plague the property, with the live stream cameras and frequent visitors spotting things all the time.

“You name it,” Klaes told News 4. “Shadow figures. Actual spirit apparitions, full bodied apparitions. You see and you hear things. You hear EVPs (electronic voice phenomena). If you sit here long enough, you’ll hear footsteps walking around upstairs, doors slamming when there’s nothing moving. Dogs barking, we’ve caught animal spirits here.”

“And on the outside of the house, it’s a whole nother game,” Klaes added. “We’re catching pictures of things that we can’t even explain what they are.”

By the time Klaes bought the property a few years ago to save it from the wrecking ball, the entities that reportedly haunted the place were the least of the problems.

The Hinsdale House was full of black mold, had a leaking roof, had its wiring and ducts ripped out, and more.

That’s not to mention the hundreds of thousands of honey bees that had to be relocated from an upstairs bedroom. Klaes says the bees still won’t stay away from the house.

“Some say that may be something heavier. A portal in that room. Something that draws those insects to that room,” he said.

To help pay for the ongoing repairs and restoration work, Klaes invites paranormal investigators to make donations in exchange for time spent in the house. It seems like no one walks away disappointed.

“We’ve had teams come in from five different countries last year,” Klaes said. “It’s brought an international spotlight to Cattaraugus County and it definitely does good for the community here.”

You can check out the Hinsdale House for yourself. Tours and overnight investigations are offered regularly. Click here for more info.