Buffalo’s Best Hotel for a Staycation: The Roycroft Inn

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EAST AURORA, N.Y. (WIVB) – It has felt like a very long January for a lot of us, and many people are antsy to get away without going too far from home.

So, we asked News 4 viewers, what is Buffalo’s Best hotel for a staycation?

You voted to say that title belongs to the Roycroft Inn in East Aurora.

“I’ve never been prouder of the people that work here,” said innkeeper Daniel Garvey, “and everyone here is such a great family, that that’s one of the things you’re going to see when you come out to visit us.”

Any visit to the national historic landmark makes it clear why it is such a popular staycation destination.

From the beautifully restored Alex Fournier murals in the salon where guests check in to the original Roycroft furniture in the guest suites, the Roycroft Inn celebrates its story as the birthplace of Elbert Hubbard’s Arts and Crafts movement.

“Between 1895 and 1905 this entire complex was built, because what happened was his ideals started to grow and everyone started to follow him,” Garvey explained.

Originally, Hubbard’s followers would have stayed in one of 50 rooms of the inn that opened in 1905. All of the rooms were small, and there was no such thing as an en suite bathroom. There were shared facilities down the hall.

Now, many of the original room doors lead to nowhere. They were preserved in the renovations 25 years ago, but no longer serve any function for the 28 comfortable three, four, and five room suites.

“Hotels are called cookie cutters because every room is the same. You walk in and this is here, that’s there, it’s all the same. Everything is different here, everything is unique and everything is handmade,” Garvey said.

And the Roycroft Inn offers several different packages throughout the year to make it a good staycation spot for Western New Yorkers. Click here to see the current packages.

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy the Roycroft and there should be absolutely no barriers to anyone’s ability to come out and enjoy what we have here,” Garvey said.

Guests and community members alike can enjoy attractions at the Roycroft Inn like live music in the lounge and award winning food in the dining room.

The Roycroft Inn has also been voted as Buffalo’s Best brunch and Buffalo’s Best Mother’s Day brunch spot over the years.

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