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Rosalyn Rourke, MSW to Release Debut Book in the Form of Fable and Memoir Companion

When Wisdom Arrives: From Imagined Unworthiness to Freedom by Rosalyn Rourke, MSW

When Wisdom Arrives: From Imagined Unworthiness to Freedom highlights the pattern of thoughts and feelings that cause psychological suffering.

The gift of this book is to know that our old beliefs of unworthiness were imagined. It’s a joy to know that freedom and even grief resilience are possible for everyone.”
— Rosalyn Rourke, MSW
CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Rosalyn Rourke has written an honest and beautiful book in which readers learn about truth and the simple way they can transcend the lie of unworthiness.

The story centers around eleven-year-old Gem who struggles with looping thoughts and feelings of self-hate because of her body weight. She believes she is unworthy of love. After a wise woman enters Gem’s life, she learns that her looping, hurtful, repetitive thoughts are untrue. When Gem moves her attention away from her habitual looping patterns, she finds her true ‘I,’ which is a deeper part of herself that is free. Gem discovers that the true ‘I’ is not tied to thoughts and feelings, or the past or future, rather it’s a presence that’s in every single person.

When Wisdom Arrives is an important read for people of all ages and backgrounds as feelings of self-worth and self-love affects everybody. Accompanied with stunning illustrations by Adam Campbell, Rourke’s book is an essential addition to bookshelves and libraries around the globe.

Rosalyn Rourke was inspired to write this book due to her own lived experience. She has been all three characters in the fable and all three in the memoir companion: the judgmental mother, the hurt daughter and the wise woman. Even with a successful, decades-long psychotherapy practice and credentials as an eating disorder expert and trauma specialist, Rosalyn struggled with worry and judgment about her daughter, Melissa’s, weight. The same protocol Gem discovers in the fable helped Rosalyn transcend compulsive worry and judgment about Melissa’s weight and later helped her transmute grief after Melissa’s unexpected death. When Wisdom Arrives in our lives, we discover how imagined unworthiness can transform into the knowledge of what we are in truth.

When Wisdom Arrives: From Imagined Unworthiness to Freedom by Rosalyn Rourke, MSW and illustrated by Adam Campbell is published by Muse Literary and will be released on September 19, 2023.

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