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Luxury Dating Site, Seeking.com, Reveals the Top Cities with the Most Eligible Millionaires in 2023

North American Infographic

Top 25 Cities in North America with the Most Eligible Millionaires

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- High net worth individuals are always on the move, with residences and offices scattered across the globe. To shed light on this trend in 2023 and explore the changes in those patterns since the pandemic, Seeking.com conducted a comprehensive study on Millionaire Migration.

As a luxury dating site, Seeking was determined to uncover the most sought-after cities where the world's most eligible individuals have chosen to live and where they are choosing to set down roots. With remote work on the rise, executives and CEOs have been empowered to conduct their business from anywhere in the world - not just the office.

Seeking’s founder, Brandon Wade, commented, as a millionaire CEO himself, that he’s chosen Las Vegas as his base of operations, due to its low cost of living, as well as its forgiving tax rates— for both himself, his business and his employees.

“When you think of success in business, you imagine the world’s capitals; New York, LA, London, Paris, etc. But, these are no longer the most effective locations if you’re looking at a higher quality of life, and greater benefits post 2020. You have to think outside of the box, and with the global economy constantly shifting, this is the time for flexibility. It seems that the successful users of Seeking have embraced this, and are setting their sights on destinations that, at first glance, might seem a little out of the ordinary,” said Wade.

It’s no surprise that Las Vegas ranks 14th in North America for the top cities with the most eligible millionaires, as it has been widely reported that new tax legislation in states such as California have led to an exodus of wealthy individuals in recent years. Nevada is one of only a handful of states that don’t have state income tax in the United States.

The Top 25 Cities with the Most Eligible Millionaires in North America

1. New York
2. Los Angeles
3. Toronto
4. Chicago
5. Miami
6. Dallas / Ft Worth
7. San Francisco
8. Austin
9. Phoenix/Scottsdale
10. Houston
11. Atlanta
12. Boston
13. Vancouver
14. Las Vegas
15. Seattle
16. San Diego
17. Washington D.C.
18. Montreal
19. Denver
20. Philadelphia
21. Tampa
22. Orlando
23. Charlotte
24. Portland
25. Nashville

5.4 M Millionaires have joined worldwide on Seeking since 2014, with 1.1M Millionaires currently using the dating platform as their preferred dating site. Since the pandemic in 2020, millionaire joins in the global capitals have been decreasing, and joins from more regional cities have been increasing, indicating an emerging base of HNWIs who have already moved their bases to more economical locations.

For more information on this study or to request an interview, please reach out to press@seeking.com. You can also access the infographic below.

About Seeking.com

Seeking is the leading luxury dating site for the beautiful, successful and wealthy. With over 46+ million members in 160+ countries, Seeking boasts the largest elite dating community in the world. The website was founded by Brandon Wade in 2006, as a solution to his own dating problems with traditional mainstream sites. Seeking has evolved over the years into a world-renown platform with unparalleled access to accomplished individuals looking for exceptional companions.

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