BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown downplayed rumors that he will step down as the Mayor of Buffalo to become the president of Buffalo State University, saying that he is “focused on the City of Buffalo.”

In Friday’s Ask The Mayor segment, News 4’s Jacquie Walker asked him about a report from The Buffalo News earlier this week that there is a faculty-led movement to recruit Brown to become president of his alma mater.

The school’s current president, Katherine Conway-Turner, is set to retire at the end of the school year. She has been in her position since 2014.

“My focus is on the City of Buffalo. It’s always nice when people think favorably of you and have nice things to say about you, but I am focused on the City of Buffalo,” Brown said.

However, Brown did not answer whether he would step down before his current term ends in 2026. Initially he said he had not been contacted by anyone affiliated with the school, but did not give a clear answer when asked again about the position.

“I’ve already run for office so I’m not making any pledges now,” Brown said. “It’s my understanding that people think favorably of me and would like to see me do certain things, but my focus is on the City of Buffalo.”

Brown, 64, graduated from Buffalo State in 1983 with degrees in political science and journalism. He has been Mayor of Buffalo since 2006.

You can watch the full Ask The Mayor segment from Friday above.

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