Cuomo warns people should be prepared to see COVID cases rise as students return to class

Back to School

(WIVB)–The governor called colleges the “canary in the coal mine” today, saying that the students came back, socialized, and then the spread of COVID-19 begins. This comes just days after Cuomo declared a threshold. If 100 students test positive for coronavirus, the college will go remote for two weeks.

And during his briefing today, the governor warned that it’s likely we’ll see similar situations once students kindergarten through 12th grade go back.

Out of the 700 school districts across the state, Cuomo says it will be inevitable once you bring everyone back under one roof, the viral transmission rate will go up.

And while the district will most likely control if and when they turn to remote learning in the case of an outbreak, state and local leaders also have a say.

“Don’t be shocked when we get to September and school districts say we’re starting with in-person and the in-person will have a percentage with testing and then schools wind up going to remote or canceling certain classes et cetera,” Cuomo said.

The governor also says it’s up to the State Liquor Authority and State Police to enforce regulations at bars and restaurants near college campuses where students frequent.

This all comes after the governor announced the caution flag Western New York has been flying is now a red one. Our infection rate in the region has remained around 2% for the past week, the highest across the state.

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