BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Whether your child has returned to school, is learning virtually or in a hybrid mix, experts say keeping a routine can help them better navigate the changes.

Having a schedule can help your child feel a sense of security. A bit of normalcy in a school year that’s anything but. 

“It’s uncharted territory. We have never ever seen anything like this,” said licensed clinical social worker Peggy Barrett.  “No one knows what to expect.”

Remote, in-person and hybrid learning options.. it’s a lot for students and parents to process.

In any of the learning options , experts say having a routine for your child will help the transition.

“The most important thing is that a routine develops trust,” said Barrett. “For example as a child I’m going to get up, get dressed have my cereal.”

She also says writing out a schedule, together with your child, can help relieve anxiety. 

“Create a calendar in your home that kids and parents can look at,” she said. “And they know that even if I’m not in school five days, I have five days worth of responsibilities.”

It’s also a good idea to create a designated spot in your home for kids to do their school work, so they associate it with learning. 

And last but not least, try to stay positive.

Mental Health Advocates of Western New York is offering support groups for parents and students. For more information, head here.