BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Currently, if you’re looking for a wide ruled, composition notebook, you can find one for the cost of 50 cents throughout several stores. However, prices for other items on your list, may vary from store to store, and comparing these prices can help you save some extra cash this back to school season.

“This is our Black Friday, our Super Bowl, you know we’re ready to go, we bring everything to back to school,” said Jenelle Jarmusz, an operations manager at the Office Depot/Max in Clarence.

Stores are stocking up, supply lists are being sent out, and parents are looking for the best bang for their buck while shopping for back to school.

“It’s just par of the course having to restock every September,” said Greg Jeffs, a parent of three teenagers, who traveled into town from Ontario to do his back to school shopping. “Summer’s almost over, make sure you stock up for having the kids away from the house.”

According to Savings.com’s annual survey, despite the inflation rates cooling off this year, 54% of parents continue to shop conservatively, as they worry about the cost of supplies adding up.

“We know that everyone wants to be able to provide everything that their kids need, but sometimes it’s just too many things and not enough money to make all of those things happen at once,” said Corie Wagner, senior industry analyst for savings.com told News 4. “Just remember you don’t have to buy the full year’s amount all at one time, It’s it’s a little more comfortable in your budget just to purchase the first three months worth of school supplies that you might need, that can go a long way.”

Before you fill your cart, the Better Business Bureau encourages shoppers to compare prices between stores, before you had to the check out line.

“You should always compare prices, if you can save a few dollars, that adds up and it’s worth it,” Kat Schmieder, communications director of the Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York said.

So we did and here’s what we found.

We used a kindergartener’s back to school list from a local school, and compared four popular items, and their regular prices on each website, Target, Walmart and Office Depot/Office Max. Here are the results below:

While on each site, we found that you could be spending more dimes on one item at the store, but saving dollars on another. Savings experts also suggest to do this research before going to the stores, search for sales and discounts and to do what’s best for your family financially.

Other tips Wagner from savings.com shared with us:

  • Look for Promotions and deals online, visit savings.com for deals
  • Check for school supply drives for families in need in your area, and see if your family qualifies
  • Buy some supplies now, and wait for Black Friday, Cyber Monday to replenish and find more deals
  • Make a shopping plan before heading to the store

The Better Business Bureau suggests to shop in-person vs online, to avoid potential back to school scams. To find more tips from them visit their website here.

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