BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Over 1,000 bikers of all ages put their bikes in gear on Sunday for a chance to ride along the skyline.

“You zoom over the Skyway so fast that you never really get a chance to really appreciate the views on it, so here we go,” said Shana Maldonado, who biked the route.

“Skyride” returned for its eighth annual trip this weekend, closing down the Skyway from 6 a.m. to noon on Sunday.

“It reminds me of how amazing biking is, how much fun it is,” said Kevin Hefferan, communications director for GObike Buffalo. “That feeling you had as a kid, it’s not something you need to abandon as an adult.”

With every pedal forward, the cruise raised money for GObike Buffalo, an organization working toward revitalizing local roads to fit the needs of pedestrian traffic around the city, and to bring awareness to biking safety.

“Just because it is fun, doesn’t mean it’s any less worthy of being something that you have a right to the road,” said Hefferan. “Cyclists have a right to the road just as much as cars do, and we encourage everybody to go chase that feeling very often throughout the year.”

According to GObike, 25% of people in the City of Buffalo don’t own a car, and increasing the ability for people to bike around could help the commute, while also increasing healthy habits for the community.

“It’s all about getting out there and getting your body moving and being healthy,” said Jill Bogdan, the director of marketing for Independent Health, which helped sponsor the ride. “Biking is just one of those ways, and it’s great to be able to do something unique like ride over the skyway.”

“I ride my bike quite often,” said Tim Borowski, a biker from East Aurora. “Safety is a big concern, a lot of people don’t see you until it’s too late.”

GObike Buffalo’s mission is to encourage safety for bikers across Western New York and to encourage drivers to slow down and keep an eye out for bike riders.

“When you make roads and streets accessible and safe, you are saving lives,” Hefferan said. “Slower vehicles mean less injuries and deaths.”

Sunday’s cruise gave cyclists the chance to reach new heights and to see the views of the city. Whether they chose the 14-mile route or the 7-mile path, GObike encouraged everyone to go out for a ride.

“Get out there and ride,” said Hefferan. “Remember how incredible it is and that it’s another way to get around our community.”

For more information regarding Skyride, and GObike Buffalo, visit their website here.

Hope Winter is a reporter and multimedia journalist who has been part of the News 4 team since 2021. See more of her work here.