BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Parents have teamed up with a nationally-recognized private school to set up a children’s business fair, hoping to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The kids took over the Innovation Center on Ellicott Street in Buffalo to show off their ideas for starting a business. Their performances were graded by judges, and the best won cash prizes.

One of the businesses, Muze, was created by two brothers who wanted to start a clothing business made by and for kids.

“As for my boys, during quarantine, they grew out of their clothing. So they said mom we want to shop somewhere where there’s clothing made by children. And we googled and couldn’t find anything. So they said we’ll make our own. and that’s where it started,” said Zaheera Hemphill, Muze Apparel.

“It is our clothing brand it’s called muse and it’s our word for inspiration. We have a lot of things like wrist bands shirts and we even have our own website shopatmuze.com.”

Other kids came with ideas to sell bills apparel, headbands and homemade jewelry.