WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) — It’s not quite the Super Bowl in the world of chocolate. But the Easter season is always hopping at Sweet Jenny’s in Williamsville.

“Is there a word for busier than busy? I guess chaotic. It’s a wonderful chaos. We thrive in it,” store owner Howard Cadmus said.

Cadmus was busy in the kitchen on Sunday, making sure Sweet Jenny’s was stocked with popular items like smash eggs and different solid chocolates in just about any shape imaginable.

“It’s not just that people want stocking stuffers,” he said. “They want a chocolate item or a dessert that will make their kids have an amazing experience.”

Alethea’s Chocolates in Williamsville is also seeing some sweet success.

It’s Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s. Those three holidays account for about 60% of our year,” marketing director Joanne Mitchell said.

Mitchell said Easter sales are less than Christmas because the Easter shopping season is shorter. Shoppers tend to visit the store closer to the holiday. She said they will increase staff to help with the rush.

“Everybody will be called in to man the fort and get the job done.”

Mitchell recommended shoppers order online or come into the store sooner rather than later, so they can get what they need. She said supply can become an issue the closer the holiday gets.

Ali Touhey is an anchor and reporter who joined the News 4 team in 2023. View more of her work here.