BPS parents say virtual learning is wearing on students’ and parents’ mental health


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Some Buffalo parents say virtual learning is wearing on both students’ and parents’ mental health.

Buffalo Mother and Healthcare Worker Khadijah Hussein said, “Just sitting at different community meetings with these people and telling them what our students are going through and trying then have to implement the wellness policy and they’re not listening to us we feel very disregarded when we speak.”

“The reason it is so important that we be at the table is that first and foremost, we are experts on our children. There’s no one that knows more about our children than us,” said President of the District Parent Coordinating Council Wendy Mistretta.

These parents say that the majority of Buffalo School households have single mothers as the heads of households and while they are able to speak at district meetings, they don’t feel they are actually being represented when reopening decisions are made.

Community Health Worker Network Jessica Bauer Walker says, “Women have had to leave the workforce at a rate four times that of men. Black and white Latino women have been disproportionately impacted. The unemployment rate for black women is double that of white men right now.”

Buffalo School Board Member Dr. Ann Rivera weighed in, “The biggest hurdle is protecting student health and safety by following the science that’s out there.”

“The challenge is incredible it continues but we need to be sure that we are making safety on number one priority,” said Buffalo School Board Member Larry Scott.

Board member Larry Scott says a huge hurdle is still finding a way to boss thousands of students while keeping them a distance apart. But there is hope in a few weeks.

“We plan to have the opportunity for all to return in April. That is my goal.”

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