CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) — Next week, the Buffalo Bills Foundation, Wegmans and local high schools are teaming up to help FeedMore WNY, in Huddle for Hunger.

Before Tuesday, many schools are participating in the competition, in which schools voted for “Most School Spirit”, “Most Creative” or “Best Overall Huddle for Hunger Program” could win prizes from the Bills — including a Bills-themed visit to their school.

During Maryvale’s homecoming week, they’re using this week as a time to collect as many non-perishable goods, as they show off their school spirit.

“We are a very cheerful school, and we show our school spirit loud and proud,” said Mosi Gibson, a sophomore at Maryvale High School.

“I definitely think it’s good to give back to the community because our community has given so much to our school, so we need to give back to everyone who has helped us in the past,” said Emma Sauer, a junior at the high school.

As Maryvale flyers show their support during their school’s spirit week, they’re hoping to pile up as many non-perishable items for FeedMore WNY.

“Every child and every family should have the opportunity, the equal opportunity to have health nutritious foods at home,” said Kelli Cookfair, the school’s social worker. “So we decided to help our students learn more about gratitude and help our families have a way to give back.”

Cookfair, alongside nine other volunteering faculty and staff, helped partner the school with FeedMore WNY, to provide nutritious food in their “Flyer Fresh Market,” along with the Nutrition club and ‘Kids in the Kitchen program’.’

“You never know what someone’s going through so it feels really good, knowing that our school is one of the schools who has a pantry like this,” said Sadiq Qayel, a junior at the high school. “Especially with younger people getting involved it just sets a good example.”

Their goal? They’re hoping to fill their principal’s office with as much non-perishable food as possible, kicking him out of his own office.

“To me, it’s fun, and it’s easy and I say bring it on, let’s go, let’s see if you can do that!” said Jason Swenson, the principal of Maryvale High School.

Their competition in the school is between classes, with the class with the most donations, will win a Bills-themed party.

They are also holding a community food drive, as a final push before Huddle for Hunger, in front of the Maryvale High School, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information on Maryvale High School, visit their website here.

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