NORTH COLLINS, N.Y. (WIVB) — This year’s Bald for Bucks fundraiser is underway at local schools and the district with the top donations is also one of the smallest.

The North Collins district is the #1 team in the Buffalo region.

They’ve raised $26,000 for Roswell Park.

Anthony Arno is one of 58 North Collins students raising money for Bald for Bucks. He’s raised $2,806 making him the top fundraiser. He chose to shave his head.

“I’m happy that I raised all that money for people that have cancer and so that money will go to help them,” Arno said.

This is the district’s 19th year participating.

Margie Dintino, a 5th grade teacher and Bald for Bucks coordinator, said the goal was $25,000. They’ve raised that, and more.

“Cancer affects everyone, it used to be one in three but now I really think it’s everyone,” she said. “We all know someone who’s touched by cancer, myself included, so I think that it hits home and I think in this little community for some reason it really hits home.”

Students have the choice to cut their hair, dye their hair a fashion color, or go completely bald.

“My grandpa was in the hospital, he’s doing a lot better now but I noticed he went through a lot of pain and I don’t want anyone else who has cancer to go through that pain,” said ambassador Simoni Weidright.

“It reminds me of my cousin’s mom, she had cancer and she died,” Arno said.

Dintino said North Collins is a tiny community with a big heart.

“It makes your heart feel good to know that we’re gonna donate $26,000 to Roswell.”

DJ Anthony and Tony George will be presenting all the North Collins participants with awards this Wednesday at an event at the school.

Kayla Green is a reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2021. See more of her work here.