NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB)– For the owners and managers at Sevenson Environmental Services,it’s all about family.

Diane Stein (third row, fifth from left) poses proudly in pink with the ladies of Sevenson Environmental Services.

“My grandfather started this business 100 years ago and he passed it down to my father and his three brothers, and they passed it down to their children which are now the seven sons that run the company,” said manager Diane Stein.

So when families in their company were affected by breast cancer, they decided to take action.

“I thought to myself we should really do something to show we appreciate what these families are going through,” Stein said.

The company made special pink shirts and sent them to 500 employees across the country. From California to Florida, hard-working men and women in construction hats wore the shirts in places you wouldn’t normally see the bright hue .

Employees from all 37 on-going projects joined in on the campaign.

“For guys like myself to be wearing the pink shirts at first it was a bit of a struggle at first, but everyone jumped on board because this is for a great cause and we want to get the awareness out there and support the survivors,” said business development manager Nick Tomkins.

Nick Tomkins,(left) shows of his pink and his pecs to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Employees took pictures in their shirts that will be shared in the company calendar. Response for the campaign was so positive that Tomkins says they plan to continue the project next year.

“In our opinion, our first year was a resounding success, so I think we will expand upon it for next year. Giving back to the community and supporting the community that we live in is always a big thing for us.”