BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — North Buffalo’s Purrfect Cafe has officially seen its 400th cat that has come through those doors to find its fur-ever home.

Buffy was the lucky 400th adoptee.

The Hertel avenue cafe opened up shop in august of 2018 and took just two and a half years to hit this milestone.

Buffy’s new human companions are thrilled as well and so thankful for the Purrfect Cafe.

Jessica Brandon, president of Purrfect Cafe said, “From where we were then to where we are now with those numbers and to see them going up and up and up even with a shutdown we still reached this amazing goal that we had. It is wonderful. Yeah it’s a great day.

Madelyn Day added, “She was one of the smaller cats in there and I don’t know — she is just adorable.”

The Purrfect Cafe works with four different rescues to help find forever homes for cats in need.