BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — At home, Kate Glaser is a dedicated mother of twins with a third baby on the way. At work, Kate is a dedicated champion of local kids in the fight of their lives, with Make-A-Wish Western New York.

“These kids are going through the worst battle of their lives. We get to come in and say, ‘What is your one true wish?’ And we get to make that happen for them, and it’s not just Make-A-Wish, it’s coming together with the community, it’s coming together with volunteers.”

Her passion for helping was born early in life.

“My sister was diagnosed with cancer when she was, I believe, three years old. It was prior to me even being older enough to understand what she was going through but, I remembered my dad just talking about how when they found the tumor, it completely destroyed my family’s life.

“Thank God she’s doing great today. She is alive and well because of Roswell..

Outside of comforting families and some 130 children each year by granting their wishes, Glaser also runs a good news blog called Hope Rises that has some 75,000 followers. Her husband Brian wrote about it in his nomination essay.

Kate doesn’t do this for attention or praise. Much of her work to help others is silent. It is her goal to grow Hope Rises to impact so many others with the power of positivity, love, and goodwill.

Brian Glaser

In the two years she’s been running the blog, it’s helped raise about $55,000 for different causes and families.

Kate also volunteers with Diamonds in the Ruff animal rescue, a relationship that began when the rescue helped her with some sick kittens. The Glasers now have three rescue dogs.

Kate also believes strongly in her faith, which took her on a mission trip to Africa. It left a long-lasting impression on her.

“I really feel like my life motto is to lead with my heart and to do things that really inspire change and hope and love, and it may require me putting in extra effort or, dedicating a lot of myself to others, but I think that, ultimately, if I’m able to help make change in some way and do that with love and good will and passion, then that’s what my life is all about.”