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(WIVB) — It’s hard to miss Michael Mitri’s baby-blue and white VW bus typically decked out with flowers and a large “PHOTOS” sign.

The bus is also a mobile photo booth that brings a little “picture perfect” magic to gatherings.

Mitri, who is also a high school teacher, got the idea to turn the bus into a photo booth at a student’s graduation party six years ago.

“Her mother knew I drove the bus and suggested that I turn it into a photo booth for the grad party,” Mitri recalled. “I went home that weekend and built a photo booth – it was a hit, everyone had fun, so I decided to turn it into a business.”

The camera is built into an old steamer trunk. The prints can be customized with logos or sayings for each event.

“I’m into technology and photography, and I kind of like that challenge,” Mitri said. “It’s got a ring flash built into it with a Cannon camera connected to a Microsoft Surface and a printer.”

The inside of the bus is themed “travel” – decked out with maps on the curtains and ceiling.

“When you think of Volkswagens, you think of travel,” Mitri said.

He’s a VW aficionado – this is the third he’s owned.

“I bought my first VW in 1999 – I still have it, it’s a camper and I travel the country in it,” Mitri said. “I think there’s something fun about them, they’re fun to drive and there’s a community of people who own them.”  

You can rent the Buffalove Bus for weddings, corporate events, anniversaries – “anything that you want to bring a spectacle to, you want to bring fun to an event, that’s what people book me for,” Mitri added.

He added that his favorite part of having the bus is the happiness it brings to people.

“People smile and laugh as I’m going by,” he said. “It just makes people happy – you can’t be sitting in the Buffalove Bus without having a good time.”

You can find more about the Buffalove Bus here, or check out their social media pages.

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