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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – It’s not always easy to get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. 

A new small business launched over the pandemic is helping make sure that Western New Yorkers have a way to easily get their nutrition. 

TooRaw Organics sprung up late last year. Founder Marcus Burley had been juicing on his own for nine years prior. 

“It originated with me and a buddy of mine who was brewing kombucha- we were talking, and we were like “want to open up a juice business?”,” Burley recalled. “We got together and started juicing- we got some taste testers over and took it as an initiative to double down.” 

TooRaw had their first pop-up event at Central Rock Gym in Nov. 2020- now, you can find them at farmers’ markets across the area, including the Hamburg Farmers’ Market, the Chandler Street After-Market, and the upcoming Kenmore Farmers’ Market. 

The juices are made one bottle at a time out of the Massachusetts Avenue Project, a non-profit on the city’s West Side which in addition to an urban farm, is home to a community kitchen. 

“It’s a really good environment for us- everything that’s growing around us, the people- that’s a great help to what we’ve got going on,” Burley said. 

TooRaw sells a variety of juices- from sweet to tart or bitter- made from locally sourced fruits and veggies. 

“We’re 100 percent natural- nothing’s added,” TooRaw Organics partner Chris Greco said. 

The grabbable nature of the juices make them great for getting your greens in while you’re on the go. 

“I think the convenience of having something so quick and consumable, it works for a lot of people,” Burley said. “People may not have time to stop in the store and look at produce, or the fruits and vegetables in their house may not be ripe.” 

Juice is just the first step for TooRaw- they plan on branching out into dehydrated fruits, granola bars, and prepped meals.

 “Our goal is to provide the community with healthy vegan options, because I know you can be vegan and still unhealthy,” Burley said. 

You can pick up the juices at the farmers’ markets TooRaw is participating in this season- but you’ll want to act fast. 

“Last week we were sold out completely,” Greco said. “It feels like we’re on this nice snowball effect.” “Our relationship with the community has been really strong since we started,” he added. 

TooRaw Organics juice is also available at the MAP, 387 Massachsetts Ave., Buffalo, on Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., and online here.

You can follow them on social media for the latest. 

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