WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) — It has been nearly a year since the popular golf dome on Wehrle Drive in Williamsville collapsed in the December 2022 blizzard.

Now, the popular facility is getting ready to reopen after the dome was re-inflated last week.

It has been a long process for owner Caleb Huck. They had to get a new dome in and of itself, but the new one is much improved and he says it will be able to withstand the harsh winters.

The fabric of the dome is thicker, the foundation was fixed and insulation was adding, which will help keep the inside cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

One new addition that visitors will be able to see is a translucent skylight, which Huck is very excited about.

“We haven’t been able to do a lot inside the dome other than the dome itself, so now we’re doing all of the finishes, replacing the bathrooms in the office, we’re going to be doing some work on the bar,” Huck said. “We’re just going to get ready for the winter season.”

Huck is hoping for a mid-to-late October re-opening date.

Technology improvements are a big part of it as well. One new addition is that you will be able to order food and drinks from the new restaurant, called Two Nines, and have it delivered right to where you are.

“We want to make sure it’s convenient for the customers and the patrons. What they want is to be able to stay at the bay without having to leave,” Huck said. “We’re trying to make it easier for them.”

The restaurant reopened last week, under new ownership and a new menu, and owner Justin Bingel is excited to work with Huck to make a quality product.

“Our goal is to basically bring a sports, casual restaurant to the dome and really hit home on hospitality, not just inside the restaurant but inside the dome also,” Bingel said.

Bingel said that they had a decent amount of business in the restaurant’s first week.

“It was a good hit,” he said. “Nothing too crazy, it gives us a good opportunity to learn as we go and by the time we get to the dome [opening], we’ll have a system in place and we’ll be ready to roll.”

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