BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — It’s not just you. Plenty of us here at News 4 took notice of the multitude of local concert announcements that took place this week alone.

They include, but aren’t limited to the following:

You might be wondering why so many shows were announced over such a short period of time.

“The number of concerts announced in one week may be a bit coincidental, but it’s no secret that many artists tour during the summer months, so there’s interest in getting out there earlier so fans can plan,” Artpark Vice President Dave Wedekindt said.

Wedekindt says it’s also about having a competitive edge, especially for venues like Artpark and Darien Lake, which have shorter seasons primarily centered around summer. Announcing shows early lets promoters “hopefully capture some more of the ticket sales before concertgoers are faced with even more events competing for their time, attention, and disposable income,” he said.

And there’s even more to come.

“It’s too early to say specifically how many,” Wedekindt said regarding upcoming announcements. “Agents are still actively working on routings for the summer.”

Ray Barry of Barry Entertainment Productions & Events agrees.

“I think it coincides with catching people before they start to plan summer trips,” Barry said. “And it’s good to beat others to the punch to not saturate the market with too many announcements.”

Elizabeth Carey, AAA Western and Central New York’s director of public relations and corporate communications, told News 4 a lot of summer trips actually get planned around concerts. This happens to be the season when many people book those kinds of trips, she said.

“If there’s an artist who is playing in a big city, they will make a trip out of it, rather than just going to the concert itself,” Carey said.

When it comes to AAA, you sometimes have the option of booking your trip and buying a concert ticket all in one.

MORE | An example of an itinerary that someone can book from New York City to Nashville.

“As far as changing plans, travelers may commonly make plans in order to get to a concert,” Carey said. “But once a trip is booked, the most common reasons for canceling or moving the trip would be illness, work conflicts, or family conflicts.”

The influx in concerts also comes after a multitude of concerts were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in recent years.

“This is also the first year since 2020 where there isn’t a thread of COVID postponing or canceling a concert so we’ve seen a heavy influx of concert/tour announcements,” said Kyle Zorn, brand manager of TickPick.

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