BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Whether it’s to watch a sports game, take a tour of the city’s history, eat some great food, or maybe even see a show, there are many factors that bring many out of towners shuffling off to Buffalo.

“There’s so many different things to do here, whether it your incredible theatre, our art museum, our natural resources, I am not surprised at all that tourism is really just skyrocketing,” said Jennifer Barbee, Associate Director and Vice President of Development of Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

According to Visit Buffalo Niagara, in 2022, $2.2 billion were spent here in the Queen City by visitors, a 15.8% increase from the numbers even before the pandemic, which helps boost our local economy.

“To have such a great increase shows that tour business is coming back, that the economic impact for those tourists coming in to our community is back and even better than before,” said Patrick Kaler, President and CEO, Visit Buffalo Niagara.

In honor of World Tourism Day, our wake-up team met with Visit Buffalo Niagara and multiple tourists attractions to highlight some of the areas visitors may go to.

Visit Buffalo Niagara and Bratts Hill & The Plating Society

For more information on Visit Buffalo Niagara click here. For more information on Bratt’s Hill and Plating Society click here.

Ujima Theatre

For more information on the theatre and upcoming shows click here.

Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor

For more information on the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor click here.

Buffalo Waterfront

For more information on the Buffalo Waterfront click here.

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

For more information on the BPO click here.

Explore & More

For more information on Explore & More click here.

Buffalo AKG Art Museum

For more information on the Buffalo AKG Art Museum click here.

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