BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – When Dominick and Azrael Buster lost their restaurant jobs at the start of the pandemic, it was an opportunity in disguise.

“It just felt like everything was broken,” Azrael said. “So the way that we found some normalcy in everything was to create a new routine. If we couldn’t work for someone else, then we had to work for ourselves.”

So the couple decided to cook. At first, they were cooking out of their home, making to-go dinners. Then, they were cooking at a corner store in South Buffalo. In December of 2021, they opened D.A. Taste at 141 Abbott Rd. in South Buffalo, formerly Jacobi’s.

D.A. Taste creates specialty tacos like the Flaming Hot Cheetos taco, the stinger taco, Buffalo pizza tacos, lobster and shrimp tacos and many more. For more information visit their Facebook page at this link.

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