BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — While visiting Western New York this summer, you can make yourself at home with a trip to the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House.

Nestled in the historic Parkside neighborhood of Buffalo is the Frank Lloyd Wright Martin House. With six buildings to explore, including the carriage house, and the conservatory, there’s something for everyone.

“It’s a wonderful historic museum because you can walk through it and experience it as if you were a guest of the martin family,” said Executive Director of the Frank Llyod Wright Martin House Mary Roberts.

The massive estate was designed for Buffalo business executive Darwin Martin and his family, by the famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. But this isn’t just a piece of property — it’s taking a tour through a snapshot of history.

Everyone lives in a house, but this is a quite spectacular house and Wright poured his heart into creating something that has stood the test of time, 120 years later and people walk in and are wowed by the experience,” added Roberts.

For a period of time, the Martin House was abandoned and left to deteriorate. But after decades of hard work and community partnerships.

“It has been restored, lovingly, exactingly, with great attention to detail… To its condition as of the early 1900s when the martins first lived in the house,” Roberts said.

There’s no denying the breathtaking nature of the estate, but the executive director for the Martin House says the brilliance is in the details of wright’s vision. Those who have experienced the one-hour martin house tour before have the chance to see more of the house in those 60 minutes.

“During the last few months, we decided that in celebration of reopening that we would add the second-floor primary bedrooms, but specifically the master suite,” said Director of Marketing Suzanne Badgley.

The bedrooms and master suite is offered during the extended tour, but this latest addition is something folks have been waiting to see.

“It’s one of our biggest requests is to see upstairs I think people are going to be very excited,” added Badgley.

In a sneak peek, many of the designs you’ll see around the rest of the property you’ll see throughout the master suite.

“You have the iconic stain glass windows, and the beautiful view of the neighborhood out of one side of the room and part of the estate out of the other,” Badgley said.

Heading out through the pergola and into the recently refurbished gardens, you’ll be greeted by the latest collaboration between the martin house and the Albright-Knox art gallery.

“There are seven very large ceramic sculptures interspersed on the landscape and the historic buildings of the martin house estate,” Mary Roberts told us.

But these massive sculptures won’t be around too much longer. They will leave the estate in October — the executive director says ‘you won’t want to miss it.”

“It’s a wonderful opportunity and an outdoor setting as well, beautiful grounds, beautiful estate, come learn about why frank lloyd wright believed in the organic power of nature as his design inspiration,” Roberts concluded.

Between all the buildings, the beautiful gardens, and the limited-time sculptures, the martin house is a must-see experience for folks of any age.

Abby Fridmann is an award-winning anchor and reporter who joined the News 4 team in November 2020. See more of her work here and follow her on Twitter.