“Whiteface Mountain is an excellent Adirondack destination. We have hiking, we run our gondola in the summertime, as well as disk golf and food service and a gift shop,” said Michael LeBlanc, Assistant General Manager of Whiteface Mountain.

Whiteface Mountain is a sweet escape. As the fifth-largest peak in New York, the views are breathtaking and the grounds are historic.

“We hosted the 1980 Olympics, all the alpine events, here at Whiteface Mountain. You can actually still ski the trails where the Olympics were held,” LeBlanc said. 

Today, the Olympic venue lives on and LeBlanc says it’s just as special in the summer.

Thousands visit another beautiful site that is just a mile from the mountain: High Falls Gorge. It is 22 acres of land surrounding four amazing waterfalls.

“When we’re able to see people truly enjoy nature and get up close to the waterfalls and see it in their awe and their amazement at the power of nature and the beauty of nature, it’s just heartwarming for us,” said Kathryn Reiss, Owner and President of Roanka Attractions Corporation.

Reiss says the falls present a remarkable evolution. Sturdy, accessible bridges wrap around the park to give visitors the best views.

“When you come in the summer, you hear the loud roar of the waterfalls. When you come in the wintertime, it’s the ice formations and it’s extremely quiet, so it’s a very different experience,” Reiss said.

The Adirondack Park offers another, rather tall attraction: The Olympic jumping complex, most known for its ski jump towers, which are almost 400 feet tall. The site maximizes its summer air with its water ramps and zipline course. They say it gives visitors an idea of what it is like to ski jump.

From mountains to falls to impressive heights, the Adirondack Park has enough to pique all interests.