BURBANK, Calif. (WIVB) — A 9-day Jeopardy! champion is causing quite a stir among viewers for everything ranging from his snarky finishing answers to his clean-cut, suited appearance.

Some Jeopardy! watchers love Buzzy Cohen, while others can’t stand him.

The reigning champion has so-far amassed $164,603 in winnings as of Friday morning.

A music executive from Los Angeles, Cohen has displayed a certain confidence in his abilities on the popular game show, leaving wager-less final answers like “See you tomorrow Trebek?!” and “You aren’t rid of me yet Trebek?” for the show’s host Alex Trebek.

See him in action here:

The brainy longtime contestant’s winning streak and associated actions have been viewed as arrogant by some, inciting a storm of comments on Twitter.

Although a number of viewers cannot stand Cohen, many others still stand behind him, singing his praises as well as making outlandish statements.

Love him or hate him, Buzzy Cohen is a name Jeopardy! viewers know well nowadays.

See him play others on the show again Friday night at 7:30 on CBS.