Akron High School students returning to school in-person earlier than planned due to looser quarantine rules


AKRON, N.Y. (WIVB) — Students at Akron High School returned to remote learning Monday after a COVID outbreak in the school last week.

However, new guidelines mean they’ll be back in person sooner then planned. Students will return to school in person on Wednesday earlier than expected.

This is due to Eric County adopting the state’s guidelines for schools on Monday, relaxing the quarantine rules.

According to the state’s new COVID-19 report card dashboard, Akron High School has reported 35 positive cases since September 1.

Last week, superintendent Patrick McCabe announced classes would go remote this week.

This followed the county’s old guidance which said for more than two cases in one class, all unvaccinated students in the class must quarantine.

For Akron, this meant more than 150 quarantines.

But under the state’s guidelines, only students that come in close contact with a COVID-positive person to quarantine.

“If you had a classroom of 20 children and you utilized the state guidelines for close contact, all of our classrooms are set where our children sit three or more feet part from each other so you maybe possibly could have one child subject to a quarantine order as opposed to all 20 children. That’s a significant difference,” McCabe said.

He said the district is taking the two remote days to deep clean the school and set up the cafeteria to be more spaced out.

The district also rolled out its own COVID dashboard. They are working with the county health department to roll out testing for employees and students that want it sometime in October.

“This is a community that values in person learning and we share that sentiment and I believe strongly that if we all do our part whatever it maybe to be responsible citizens care for our neighbor we can achieve that goal.”

All homecoming festivities will go on as planned in a few weeks.

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