Are New York students learning while learning remote?


(WETM) — Many school districts across the Empire State have been learning remotely amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The New York State Department of Education has canceled the January 2021 Regents Exams because of the pandemic. Examinations from which students have been given an exemption as a result of the COVID-19 related cancellation shall be excluded from any calculation used for determining eligibility for an Honors or Mastery endorsement on a diploma.

As for other non-high school students, some question if students are learning the curriculum in order to progress into the next grade level.

“There is regulations that are set forth by the State Education Department regarding curriculum and what needs to be taught,” said Tom Phillips, Executive Director of NYS Middle School Association. “The reality is that the infrastructure does not exist to provide an effective online learning environment for many students.”

Phillips told Nexstar contributor 18 News the NYSED informed school districts that they don’t have the capacity to test every student online.

“Speaking of infrastructure, the State Education Department has informed districts that they do not have the capacity to have students test online,” Phillips said. “Therefore the grades fourth through eighth testing, well that has to be done in the building, and how that happens- the state has yet to give any guidance.”

Phillip said school districts are all different and it’s not right the Department of Education expects them to learn the same way.

“You have to give schools the local flexibility to put together a system that works for their students,” Phillip said. “The administration, staff, and school board are doing the yeomens work in making this at least workable to make sure all their students get adequate learning.”

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