Area gyms getting proactive and protecting against coronavirus


With worries about the coronavirus on the rise across the nation local gyms are being proactive. They’ve been stepping up efforts to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy. 

“We always make sure we have spray bottles full, fresh paper towels, a lot of hand sanitizers, making sure the soap is always filled,” said Amy Bueme owner Catalyst Fitness.

“I got a couple of extra Purell dispensers, some more hand soap, more towels,” said Eugene Bofill owner Reps Fitness at the Tri-Main building in Buffalo.

Bofill says gym patrons should remember to practice good gym etiquette, and that means wipe down the equipment.

“You’re supposed to grab a spray bottle, grab a towel and spray it down after you’re done, you don’t want someone working out on your juices or your sweat.”

For more information on the coronavirus and EPA approved cleaning products visit:

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