Demand for “Shield Pods” grows during pandemic


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Would you walk around strapped to a mobile tent in order to protect yourself from the coronavirus?

Company leaders from Under the Weather say they can’t keep up with pre-orders for something they call the “Shield Pod.” It’s pretty much a cross between a tent and a spacesuit that you strap to your body to form a barrier with the outside world.

The company is known for its Weather Pods, which were featured on the TV show “Shark Tank” years ago.

“When I came up with the original pod, which is just a pop-up tent that you sit in at the side of a soccer game, ten years ago, people laughed their behinds off at me when I showed up and they told me it wouldn’t work and that no one would was ever going to want that,” Rick Pescovitz said. “Then all the sudden they sit in it and they like it and this got much the same. It was a laughing matter for a lot of people, but so far a couple thousand people have reached out. We’ve sold it to school systems in bulk orders that haven’t even arrived yet.”

Company officials say they’re also working on versions of the Shield Pod for medical workers and airline passengers.

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