School’s out, but daycare, for the most part, is still in session.

Candyland daycare in West Seneca has started a new procedure, to help protect against Covid-19. They are now asking parents to drop their kids off at the door and staff will escort the children inside.

“We can’t force the parents not to come in, but we do ask them to drop off at the door and pick up at the door, so the staff is bringing the children back and forth to the classrooms. and the parents are very, very willing to comply to it,” said Connie Scioli manager.

Other places like the CAO of Western New York are now scaling back some services to area residents.

Their CEO L. Nathan Hare says they’re closing their facilities until April 20th, but they are continuing to offer online education materials, food and other assistance to area families.

“Our teachers are really working like case workers during this time period,” said L. Nathan Hare, CEO of Community Action Organization. “Because they’re calling the kids, most of our teachers have 16 to 18 kids in a classroom that they’re working with, so they’re keeping up with those families at least once a week, maybe two or three times in the course of a week.”