Governor Andrew Cuomo is encouraging everyone to take advantage of the telemedicine services offered through their doctor’s office to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

“That’s the sort of thing that we want to limit exposure to, particularly because, at this point in time, there is no private practice office that has the ability to either confirm or rule out the infection of covid-19 because we don’t have the testing kits,” Steven Lana with Delaware Pediatrics.

Lana says, the way telemedicine works is if you feel sick or symptomatic you call in or log on to the internet and you are connected to a doctor either through the phone or video chat.

If doctors determine that a patient is high risk for Covid-19…

“Then we can make arrangements to have that person tested at the designated testing site, so we limit the risk of exposure to the individual, in case they don’t have covid 19,” he said. “So we don’t expose them to the potential of getting and we also protect the rest of the patients.”

Lana says, if you’re feeling sick or think you might have the covid-19 symptoms, it’s important to stay calm and stay home.

“If you’re sick with a fever, stay home until you feel better. If you’re sick and you feel no more sick than you have in the past with a common cold, stay home until you get better,” he said. “If you’re not sure or if you feel sicker than you’ve ever felt before, call your doctor so that we can make the arrangements for you to be tested.”