From shutting down, to reopening, restaurants have seen it all during the pandemic


(WIVB) — From shutting down, to reopening, and everything in between, restaurants have seen it all during the pandemic.

Restaurant owners say they feel like they’ve suffered reopening whiplash since March of 2020. Just when restrictions were relaxed, there was another shutdown.

The biggest hurdle was figuring out what was next, but they say it wasn’t easy.

Takeout was the only option, and restaurants had to transform a full dining sit-down into a takeout vehicle.

While they were open, keeping COVID out of their business was critical.

Priorities changed to keeping everyone safe and healthy, and helping out others whenever they could.

But the help didn’t just stop with other restaurants, they reached out to some organizations.

In a matter of weeks, they were serving 10,000 frontline workers, in Erie County and even as far as Rochester.

While many restrictions have been lifted, owners now have to face the consequences of months with few customers.

A whole year lost, paying back bills and figuring out things a year from now, trying to recover.

Which means they’re eager to get back to normal.

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