Governor Cuomo provides statewide update on pandemic


ALBANY, N.Y. (WIVB)– New York Governor Andrew Cuomo provided an update on the state’s current standing in the pandemic Saturday afternoon.

The governor said it’s critical for New York to slow the spread of COVID-19 and remain tough.

“With 2020 now behind us, we can see brighter days ahead, but to get there quickly, it’s going to take all New Yorkers staying smart and staying united.”

“We have the vaccine, and that is good news, but it will be months before we’ve reached critical mass, making it as important as ever that we do not let COVID fatigue get the best of us. The state is working around the clock with the medical community to not only ensure vaccines are distributed as quickly and efficiently as possible, but to also continue growing bed capacity so hospitals do not become overwhelmed.”

“As daunting as it may seem after all this time, it’s critical that the rest of us remain tough and keep up our efforts to slow the spread. We’ve already come so far and we will finally reach that light at the end of the tunnel if we all just do our part.”

Andrew Cuomo, Governor, New York State

Below is the statewide hospitalization data:

  • Test Results Reported: 202,446
  • Total Positive: 15,074
  • Percent Positive: 7.45%
  • Patient Hospitalization: 7,814 (-72)
  • Patients Newly Admitted: 887
  • Hospital Counties: 56
  • Number ICU: 1,321 (+29)
  • Number ICU with Intubation: 786 (+10)
  • Total Discharges: 103,828 (+860)
  • Deaths: 128
  • Total Deaths: 30,337

The state is keeping a close eye on hospital bed capacity. In Western New York the state reports there are 518 patients hospitalized.

They provided a regional breakdown below:

Data provided by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office

The state is also reporting there’s a total of 545 Intensive Care Unite beds in Western New York. Of those beds they say 329 beds are currently occupied.

Data provided by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office

Western New York’s 7-day average percentage of positive COVID-19 test results stands at 7.95% from Friday.

Data provided by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office

Below is a breakdown of COVID-19 test results by WNY county:

CountyTotal PositiveNew Positive
Data provided by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office

The governor’s office also provided updated data regarding COVID-19 deaths. Below is Western New York’s data.

CountyNew Deaths
AlleganyNo data provided
CattaraugusNo data provided
Data provided by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office

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