Governor Cuomo says he’s sticking with ‘microcluster’ plan, making adjustments


(WIVB)– As of November 26, there’s no mention of any zone changes today for Western New Yorkers.

Instead, Governor Cuomo talked about looking ahead to winter and how to mitigate what global experts say could bring the worst of the pandemic.

Governor Cuomo says there will be consequences from Thanksgiving, noting he and elected officials are obviously aware of the increase in travel.

He says a vaccine will not be ready for the general public for months still.

For now, he’s going to stick with the microcluster plan for New York, but with some adjustments.

Now, he says, how the state will determine if an area is yellow, orange or red will now include hospitalizations and hospital capacity.

“The worst-case scenario is you run out of hospital beds. You see that we had to do a field hospital in Staten Island. Massachusetts is opening field hospitals. Other states are opening field hospitals.”

Andrew Cuomo, Governor, New York State

Governor Cuomo also wants to adjust the different zone restrictions to allow students in grades K through 8 to stay in school.

Students older than that, however, he says continues to be a different story, but all in all, Cuomo says he recognizes that the data says schools are safe.

The state is working on a plan to make that happen while still maintaining testing in schools.

The other part of Cuomo’s winter plan is figuring out a fair way to eventually distribute a vaccine.

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